John Lyon's Dream

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Written by the late Michael Burrell (OL), John Lyon's Dream is the only authorised history of The John Lyon School to have been written.  Published in 2013 it follows in great detail the history of the School.

When in 1853 the Governors and Head Master of Harrow School first established the 'English Form' for up to 30 pupils in a ramshackle building in the High Street, the could never have imagined that by the start of the 21st century their sickly offspring would have developed into the highly successful well-equipped 600 strong institution it is today.  In this fascinating book, Michael Burrell charts every stage in this journey of over a century and a half.

It was a journey which saw problems and setbacks as well as progress and triumphs, and these are all recorded with reference to the developing relationship with Harrow School itself, the devastating effects of two world wars, the powerful social changes that inevitably made their mark, and the differing personalities and contributions of the Headmasters.

It is an account full of anecdotes of boys, Old Boys and masters, and covers not only the academic development of the School but also its sporting and cultural achievements.  It will be an engrossing read for all Lyonians and Old Lyonians and their parents and relations, and for all those interested in Harrow and the history of education in the borough.

To obtain a copy of John Lyon's Dream at £30 plus postage please contact The Lyonian Office