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Welcome to the Old Lyonian Association website!

Of course if anyone had said there would be such a thing as a world wide web when I was leaving school in 1976, we’d have laughed. The days of remembering someone’s phone number and sending out change of address cards are long gone, but ironically it still takes real effort to keep up a network. However this medium is the simple way in which you can stay in touch with, meet, and of course catch up with all your fellow Old Lyonians. Please enjoy and take advantage of it!

In taking over from my predecessor Joe Kerridge, I am trying to fill illustrious boots. Joe occupied the post for 6 years, and together with the assistance of Michelle Gascoine and the of course the School, in particular the Head, Katherine Haynes, the Association has taken major steps forward, and, most importantly, has strengthened the bonds with John Lyon School. This is critical for our future, as the Association must exist for all pupils, whether they are still at school, left school sixty years ago, or only last year.

Michelle’s place has now been taken by Suzannah Chirnside, who many of you will have already heard from. Please support her in her efforts to build and maintain our contact base, and by supporting our and the School’s events.

Thanks to the School, the Association now has, amongst other things, unrivalled sporting facilities at Sudbury, football pitches that 40 years ago were not even seen at Wembley,  and a venue for our annual dinner which is not only excellent, but which allows Old Boys to revisit the haunts of their youth, and to marvel at the facilities now available. The networking and reunion opportunities that are available are substantial.

I am proud to be your new President, and I look forward to leading the Association through the next few years.

Paul Matarewicz


Old Lyonian Association