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I recall when I was at the John Lyon School in the 1960's that Bob Dylan sang  "The Times they are a-changing".  None of us in those days could have foreseen the incredible technological, social and lifestyle changes that have happened, especially over the past decade.

Most boys leaving school now go to University with only a handful coming back to live in the Harrow area. Interaction and contact with friends is now primarily through electronic media. A far cry from my time when to catch up with old school friends, you would meet in a pub or down at The Old Lyonians Club lounge.

One thing has remained the same however. All of us who went to the John Lyon School share like experiences of a top education, not just in the academic sense, but also in terms of social behaviour. The school has always instilled a sense of fair play as well as promoting qualities such as respect, honesty, loyalty and integrity. These qualities are becoming increasingly rare in modern society and it is these qualities as well as a sense of history, a sense of pride and a sense of belonging to a larger  family; a Lyonian family that has kept the Old Lyonian Association  together as one of the most successful  Old School Associations in the country.

We are indeed fortunate to enjoy such strong support from the school and exciting times are ahead with our re-location from Pinner View in North Harrow to the recently refurbished Lyonian Pavilion on the John Lyon School playing fields at Sudbury Hill, Harrow.

The Times indeed are a-changing, but the desire for all of us who benefited from having been to The John Lyon School to retain contacts and friendships forged during our most informative years remains incredibly strong.

Our thanks go to Michelle Gascoine and her colleagues at the Lyonian Office who have developed this Lyonian web site which will allow all of us to reminisce over old school times, retain contacts with old school friends, check dates for reunions, sports events and so much more.

Stet Fortuna Domus.

Joe Kerridge


Old Lyonian Association