OLA Vice Presidents

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The title of OLA Vice President is awarded for long service to the Association.  Generally, one person is selected per year, at the discretion of the OL Council, and this person can be an Old Lyonian, past or present staff member or School Governor.

The present OLA VP's are:

Malcolm Ames

John Blake

Andrew Cameron

James Caldecourt

Mike Christelow

John Davies

Ian Dennison

Prof. Michael Edwards - Former Chairman of School Governors

Andrew Forman

Alistair Fraser

Peter Freund

Michelle Gascoine (Honorary OL)

Ben Gill

Stephen Hallam

Rick Harragin

Paul Harrison

Brian Holgate - Former Master

Dr Owain Arwel Hughes - Former Chairman of School Governors

Peter Jenkins

John Kerley

Joe Kerridge

Geoff Lancashire

Chris Libell

Ian Macaulay

John Marsden

Peter Marsden

Andy Marsden-Jones

Douglas Milsom

Paul Montague

Colin & Philippa Nunn Husband & Wife Team (Philippa being an Honorary OL)

Guy Nyirendra

John Orchard

Keith Palmer

Ian Parker  - Master, The John Lyon School

Stan Peacock

Roger Pike

Andrew Reed

Prof. David Reeves

Les Riches

David Rimmer - Former Deputy Head

Micky Sillett

Jolyon Sloggett

Mike Smith

John Soughton

John Thomson

Charlie Tizard

Mike Triesman

Roger Vessey

Jeremy Watkiss

Hugh Wikner

John Williams

John Wilson

Keith Wilson

Tim Wright OL - Former Headmaster